Our story

Dream of sustainable living.

Everything my parents taught me, as I was spending the afternoons and weekends at a family farm in a nearby village and our home garden, as a small town girl, came handy, when I have created my own family. My wish at the time was to eat as healthy as possible.

Healthy diet has fascinated me for over two decades. I am constantly learning about it, testing new ideas in practice, and imparting that knowledge in articles, books, lectures and workshops. I believe that when people come together to such a workshop, it is always possible to find inspiration and the will to make positive changes in life.

Mateja Reš


Years of lecturing
Garden Sufrace
A belief that the knowledge we gain in life should be passed on help everyone live a full and complete life in connection with our environment is strongly present in me.
I live and work in the spirit of saying "simply naturally".
Mateja Reš
author, lecturer, blogger, mother, wife and manager of Garden of tastes

Simply naturally!