Welcome to Mateja's Garden of tastes!

Organic products made with love!

Garden of tastes. Zgornje Gorje, Bled

Devoted to sustainably, passing knowledge and inspiration of natural living.

Gifts of nature

You can buy these products when visiting Garden o tastes.

The products are bearing the Bled Local Selection certificate. Quality. Authenticity. Innovation. From Bled.

Garden experiences

Alpine wellness

Discover your horoscop herbes during a peacefull walk trough the garden.

Let us guide you through the alpine Garden of tastes

An interactive three hour experience of an organic haven for all senses.

Holidays are here when we bake potica cake

Baking workshop where you'll be taught how to make a potica cake from scratch.

Visitors' opinions

Mateja is perhaps best-known as the creator of Bled teas, which are sold throughout Bled. They vary in their ingredients based on what is seasonal in mountain pastures in the area and in her elaborate garden. Small quantities are a must, because Mateja gathers everything by hand and dries it herself.

100% personalized!

The visit of the Garden of tastes is a tailor-made experience.

An unforgettable reception by Mateja, when she greeted us in all her glow, erased the bad mood due to the visit in the rainy weather. At her home, she gave us a wealth of knowledge about plants and food preparation. We have rewarded her generosity as she treated us with her delicacies by purchasing wonderful local products. Mateja, we'll visit again!