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Garden of tastes. Zgornje Gorje, Bled

Devoted to sustainably, passing knowledge and inspiration of natural living.

You are kindly invite you to the Garden of Tastes!

Come to a place where you find peace and the bustle of life. Where you enjoy beauty and goodness in all its forms, where you feed your body and spirit with all your senses. Walk, taste, learn, freedom, love, life, simplicity, abundance. You are invited to a paradise with exceptional views in Zgornje Gorje, a village nestled in the natural terraces between Pokljuka and Bled! In the garden of flavors hunt hens, feed them and pick up eggs. Rest under the haystack or lie barefoot on the grass! Tear the raspberries and pick the courgettes, experience the spirit of the herbal labyrinth and the luxury of the goddess Živa, who watches over the creation of paradise. Scent yourself with rose water and listen to the buzzing of bees! Realize that you are a part of nature and live like that! Invited alone or in company. If you have the will, become a farmer for one day on our farm!

Mateja, Primož, Peter, Sara and Roman

Gifts of nature


In the Garden of Tastes there are many diffrend herbs. You can pick fresh or dry.


Once the season starts, it's hard to resist them.


Red, black, pink or green. We have them all.


Sweeten up with fresh red fruits during the season od raspberries.


Hot apple - chili sauce

The chili sauce is medium strong and goes well as an addition to dishes while cooking or served at the table.

Invisible shield - disinfectant

Disenfectant for hands with wormwood and aloe vera.

Grace of Godess

It is a colorful tea with a delicate taste and effect, that caresses the taste buds, heart and soul

Lemongrass- dried

One of many dried herbs that are available.

You can buy these products when visiting Garden o tastes.

The products are bearing the Bled Local Selection certificate. Quality. Authenticity. Innovation. From Bled.

Garden experiences

The garden is a place where you can relax, enjoy and get fresh energy. It offers countless options for all visitors. You don’t know what suits you best? Here is just a part of our offer that may give you some ideas. Of course, it is best that you visit us. Click on the offers below for more information.

Experience Garden of Tastes

Stop and relax. Walk trough the garden and rest to get some fresh energy.

Allow me to take you around the Garden of Tastes.

A three hour interactive experience of this ecological garden that will excite all your senses. ​

The hollydays for baking potica are here.

A workshop where we prepare traditional slovenian dish: Potica.

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